Meet the Host

I’m Mary Burt-Godwin and I’ll be your host.  Yes, I know, it’s totally 80’s to hyphenate but my father passed away 2 months after my wedding so when I went to the SS office I simply couldn’t get rid of the Burt. Now it is who I am, albeit annoying when I go to check in at an event and I don’t know whether I should get in the A-E line or the F-L line. I invariable choose the wrong one first…

My bio, cliff notes style, goes something like this. Born and raised in SD, UCSB undergrad degree in Sociology – translation – didn’t know what I wanted to do so picked the major that I had the most credits towards in order to graduate in 4 years; Jobs have all been in the entertainment and/or event industry including: Extras Casting Director at Stu Segall Productions (B television shows and and one hit movie – Bring It On), Stage Manager, Actor (theatre & independent films), Entertainment Supervisor at LEGOLAND California, and most recently, Corporate Event Planner. Met the man of my dreams at Stu Segall Productions, Steve, and together we have made our G Unit with 2 little darlings, Lily Grace and Lexi Mae. 

Steve is a creative producer/director.  He started as my intern and now he’s my everything.

Lily Grace was my first born – Sweet, smart, sassy, snippy, lovey dovey and dramatic…ME! She is my comeuppance in full glory.

Lexi Mae is my newest little bundle of joy. She IS her father. Chill and laid back, until she’s hungry or tired, and then WATCH OUT! Cooes and smiles all the live long day.

I went back to work after baby #1 but with the outrageous cost of daycare it is just not worth it to go back now.   So I’m currently a stay at home mom – loving it and sometimes losing it.  This blog and my book project (click on page link above for more info) are my personal outlets.

So that is me in a nutshell. See you in cyberland!


Mama Mary


3 Responses

  1. I remember going to the SS office you… discussing the significance of our names. Rob was happy you got me off my lazy butt. I am too. Love you.

  2. I am so excited to be back in touch! Your family is so beautiful, I feel like I might cry. Thanks for contacting me. I look forward to being part of your book project. I miss you guys! Love, Carolyn

  3. Mary, Congratulations! I’m glad to hear all is going well. Your blog is very entertaining…keep up the good work! love, Susan

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