tis the season

I’m back, did you miss me?  I missed posting but boy did I have a great weekend!


When we arrived to the sushi restaurant, Masuo’s, the hostess asked, “Is the back room okay?” with a sideways grimace that made me think, “Oh great, a dingy back room with no windows and no ambiance.  Not what I wanted for a rare, once in a blue-moon date night, but okay.”  But then…we reached the “back room” and my reservations turned to relief then rapture. The dark, dingy back room turned out to be a cozy, majestic bungalow, with twinkly lights, chill reggae music and a partially enclosed ceiling providing a not too cold, fresh air feeling.  And rather than boring, uncomfortable standard restaurant chairs, we were seated at an uber-comfy, oversized black leather sofa with a small 2’x 2′ bamboo table for our food…sweet!  It was the perfect setting for our first date night since Lexi was born six months ago (we’ve had other nights out but they have all been with other people).   And everything was delish, the wine, the sushi and the company.



Singing Silent Night with the family at the Del Mar Tree Lighting tonight.  If you have seen “One True Thing” with Renee Z and Meryl Streep you know why this made me well up.   I can’t sing Silent Night without choking up, partly because of my Dad and partly because of that movie.  Standing with my kids and hubby, all bundled up in our winter wear that gets worn a mere five times a year, singing Christmas carols…it was one of those precious moments that I wanted to have etched in my memory forever.



The Digital Short with Andy Samberg (and cameo by JT) on SNL.  In fact, the entire episode was hilarious.  One of the best in years, next to JT’s hosting gig two years ago.  Enjoy this clip!  (Warning – for mature audiences only)

This weekend I am thankful for twinkly lights, Christmas Lights, and the light bulbs in Andy Samberg’s brain when he comes up with such perversely hilarious song ideas.


Cranberry Yum Yum Salsa for the Holidays

By popular demand…here is the cranberry salsa recipe.  It’s a Healing Food recipe from the UCSD Medical Center and passed to me by my friend Celine.  Yummy, healthy and color coordinated for the Holidays.  Wish I had a photo but it was devoured before I could take one (yes it’s that good).

Tip…Even if you’re not going to make it til later next month, buy your cranberries now and freeze them because at some point the stores run out and they stop stocking them.