lean, green, cleaning machine

So here I am, sitting on my rear end at the end of great day with the girls, eating banana bread I was inspired to bake for no reason whatsoever, procrastinating paying bills, looking around at the pigsty that is my house and contemplating my New Year’s Resolutions.  What I’ve come up with is that 2009 is the year of Mama Mary – the Lean, Green, Cleaning Machine.

LEAN – in both physique and spending.   My goals to help me achieve these two resolutions are:

1) To run the Nike Half Marathon in San Francisco next October

2) To take a dance class (Lily and I have been watching “Zoe’s Ballet Class starring Paula Abdul” but that doesn’t count – anyone know of a mommy & me dance class???)

3) To eat healthier foods (That’s why I’m eating all the Xmas cookies & banana bread I can now, to get them all in before Jan 1)

4) To cut back on Starbucks/Coffee Bean drinks.  This will help my waisttline and my wallet, but good lord, I truly don’t know if I can do it. My chai tea lattes are my ONLY vice left.  I rarely drink alcohol anymore, I quite smoking  4 years ago, and if I give up yummy foods too then where will I turn for a little naughty treat once in awhile?  This one scares me the most but I will certainly TRY to at least CUT BACK, that is all I will commit to at this point.

GREEN –  This one I’m going to have to research a little.  I already do small things like using canvas bags at the grocery store and recycling cans, bottles & paper. But I know there must be more ways I can help the environment in my every day life.  Anyone have any tips?  And please don’t say cloth diapers.  I have pondered it many times, I just don’t think I could hack it (kinda like the Starbucks thing but this one I’m not even going to attempt).

Green can also be representative of all the money I’m going to save and all the money I’m going to make, even though I’m not working…Should be interesting how I pull that off.

CLEANING MACHINE – Anyone who knows me well knows that I don’t clean.  Number one, I’m not good at it and number two I just pretty much hate it.  But with two little kiddos around now, the amount of clutter, crumbs and crap everywhere, all the time, is extraordinary and is driving me nutso!   My problem is just as I mentioned before…. I don’t like to clean and I really don’t even know how.  Sure, I know how to use Ajax and scrub a dub dub.  But how do you do it on a regular basis?  How do you clean things like floor boards and blinds?  When do moms find the time?  I honestly didn’t learn good domestic tricks growing up so does anyone have any tips for me?

The clean will also refer to my potty mouth.  I need to clean that sucker up.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I really like to swear.  It’s another one of those vices that I just can’t give up.  But hearing Lily say damnit the other day is my motivation.


And now that I think about it, I may need to also add MEAN to the list…Starting in the new year I have to get tough with Lexi’s sleep training again.  Ever since she came down with the retched cold that has infected our family for almost 2 months, I have been a real softy, i.e. giving in every time she cries at night by either nursing her and/or letting her come to our bed. But look at her…


How can I resist her?   However…. if I’m going to find make* time to do all of the things listed above, then I’m going to need more sleep.

And above all else, except for wanting to be an awesome mom and wife, my primary goal is to get the father/daughter book published.  This will be the hardest thing I’ve ever set out to accomplish, but it is my mission and my mind is set.

Come on 2009, let’s do this!

*”Time is like money.  You can’t find it, you have to make it.”


3 Responses

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  2. Oh my goodness, Mary. As I scroll through your posts, I can’t help but giggle and smile at all the pics of your beautiful girls!! 🙂

    Those are some ambitious resolutions. I didn’t want to cheat and read today’s post until I knew what they were. 😉

  3. […] Chief Marketing Officer, and I think it sounds like a great idea.  It would certainly help with my lean, green, cleaning machine goals of 2009 since they are eco-friendly, economically friendly and organizationally (is this a word? why is it […]

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