don’t touch my kid

I had never really been a germaphobe until I had my first daughter and the pediatrician scared the beejeezus out of me about the first 6 months of life and how susceptible babies are to infections, colds, etc. So I started carrying around hand sanitizers in every shape and form – gel, wipes, balm, whatever – and wouldn’t let anyone even come near Lily without lubing up.  This time around, with Lexi, I have been much more chill about it with only one thing of Purell in my car that’s barely been touched.

Cut to…October 27th… height of cold season… Mommy and Me Music Class.  15 kids, 15 moms, 25 tamborines, 30 wood sticks, 50 hand bells and 5 gazillion germs floating around.   In between shoo bops and rat a tat tats, I started to look around the classroom and noticed a slew of drippy noses, wet coughs and gooby sneezes.  My mind then went to the pile of fun instruments in the middle of the floor, the ones that ALL of the kids have had their hands on.  And ALL of the kids before them in ALL of this lady’s music classes for who knows how long.   My throat tightened almost immediately and I felt my eyes start to itch.

I got past my minor freak out and enjoyed the rest of class.  After class, I turned around to find 2 mommies and 2 kids ogling Lexi, at VERY close proximity. One of the kids had Lexi’s binky in her hand, shoving it in Lex’s mouth, another kid had Lex’s rattle in his mouth and one of the moms was playing peekaboo with Lex’s burp cloth pressed up against her own mouth and nose.  Ick!

I had a knee jerk reaction,  Literally, my knee jerked.  I also gasped and said “Oh my g*d” out loud.  They all turned around and looked over at me with huge grins “Oh your baby is so cute.”  Internal monologue – “get your stinking, germ-infested hands away from my baby! Gross!!!”  But what came out was “Oh thanks, isn’t she sweet?”.

It’s okay to coo and goo at other people’s babies, but seriously…keep your kid’s hands, mouth, saliva and goobers away from my kid!



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  1. […] organized and sanitary. I’m fairly good at the last one since I’ve become somewhat of a germaphobe since the birth of my girls. But the addition of two kids to my life means a TON more sh*t that I have to organize and put […]

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